Saturday, April 30, 2011

Went to a police auction.

I went to a police auction yesterday. I was pretty sure it was going to be a good people watching experience. I didn't think the things being sold would be so interesting too.
A clear acrylic bowling ball with two large red acrylic dice inside. When the ball was spun, the acrylic acted as a lens and the dice enlarged as if it were behind a magnifying glass. Awesome. Let me restate: AWESOME! The other cool thing, now don't get me wrong, there were other cool things but this is the coolest/creepiest of them all. A fridge. A new fridge. A new fridge that was used to store evidence. Ewww.
So the people were not as intersting as I thought they would be, except for one. Lots of typical auction people, I guess. There is the white trash family, the weird collector dude, the couple who either sell and install car stereos or have strange collection habits, there were the guys who resell whatever they can get for cheap, the people who left their stuff in an impounded car trying to gt it back, the creepers and collectors and people looking for a deal. The weirdest one was a guy with a large (I mean large) gold chain around his neck. Dressed in a track suit jacket and Levis, he looked like a Romanian gangster thug. He actually had a large scar on his face that ran from between his chin and lip, up into his hairline. He stood around all night til a car stereo/amp package came up. He bid til he got it, smiled big, and left to checkout. It seemed he was trying to get back his own property. He looked incredibly relieved.
I was intrigued! So being the curious cat that I am, I decided to follow him. I ran to my car and parked up the block, waiting. He walked out shortly with his recent purchase and went down the street away from me. He got to the end of the block and turned into the parking lot of a stone company. I pulled out and rolled slowly down the street. I was just getting to the driveway when a black Town Car pulled out of the driveway. The Town Car stopped at the stop sign in front of me. I looked into the empty parking lot realizing I would be following a black Town Car for a while. I tried to stay back at least a block and it didn't take long to see we were headed out of town. The further out, the further back I dropped. Fortyfive minutes into the drive, as I was telling myself for the third time to go home, the car turned into a drive way. The drive way was quickly obscured by trees.
I parked a quarter mile down the road. I sat in my car for two minutes. Stood next to my car for three miutes. Stood at the end of the driveway for four minutes. Stood looking at a multimillion dollar house for five minutes. What the fuck was I doing?
I could see through a window from where I stood the man I was following. He stood in a group of three more men. One dressed similar and the other two in suitcoats, ties loosened. They were all looking down at the car amplifier he had just bought laying on the dining table. Another man entered dressed in a suitcoat with a handful of tools. He quickly goes at the amp trying to open it. Within a minute the amp is open and from the inside is pulled a small plastic box. Another man quickly opens a hankerchief on the table. The box is opened and out is poured a small pile of sparkling stones. Diamonds.
As one suitcoated man picks up the rocks the others walk from the dining room, across the livingroom and out onto a deck. The two in tracksuits cross the deck to an outdoor bar. They are halfway when the two others in suitcoats pull ou guns and smoothly release an ounce of lead through their heads. I can feel the bounce of the report off of my face. I quickly spin around the backside of the tree. I am shaking. Sweating. And running. I get back to my car and feel like I am going to shake apart. I have to leave.
I look back at the auctioneer. "lot 126. A Sony camera and camcorder.". Oh, I didn't see that one in the preview. I think I will bid.

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